The Distinct Steps

 Need & Assessment
In the assessment phase of the design or problem defining process we help you determine your technical and end-user needs as well.

This will clearly identify both your project's primary objectives and constraints if any which is always a given.

At this point the cause and effects of problems in an adapted cause and effect analysis will be the guiding principles.

It could be regarding an existing method, Equipment and or all of the methods or a new   need /requirement.

It could also be that you want a a external view of what you are at or in, external or customers perspective. In our case it would be an all real no nonsense unbiased view.

 Either way it must be inspected and will be  matched as best as possible.

And you will kept informed and will see every step of the way.

At this stage of the project , the concepts may not necessarily and more often than not will not be the final approach and hence it is essential that our designers, solution providing consultants visit the field to spend time  talking with  your end-users, site of application  observing   suggesting and getting truly creative as much as possible to explore the many possibilities to achieve the end results, and most often also finding newer sub-needs and additional goodies (which often is the case).

Some folks may have called this brain storming, however a storm (stirring up / stimulation) in the brain it may be, just for a while and then it starts taking shape. 
There should not be storms beyond this point. Most issues will have clarity by now.
Following the initial field research or findings we evaluate existing technology solutions available and explore a wide range of new concepts with the goal of proposing the technical approach most likely to accomplish your goals.

Because, you are important 

Design Development or problem solving 
Design Development or Problem solving NOW focuses on product/technology research and development and compares it with the class you are at and also where you want to go..
 Pragmagtics Unlimited technology consulting & Designs employs a creative approach to product development that begins with product concept generation and evaluation based upon our findings in the Needs Assessment Phase. After working with you to select the most promising design concept(s) we proceed to prototyping and testing – this stage is iterative: we build, test, and build again based upon what we have learned.
This cycle may repeat until a viable design is produced and we can then move on to design documentation before finally delivering the end product to you.
And if it happens to be a problem that just need just a fix, ( we have seen plenty of that too) - we then would take that path with a suitable retrofit if that is all it takes.
We don't believe a major or complete change is always the answer. 
However the truth of the matter is those who are so used to a certain method or technique fail to see even the  minor changes and corrections that are so vital.
And your Establishment is just as important 


The end result without doubt, will be a well designed, functional, and build able product (or add-on retrofit) that more than meets your specifications or requirements and is ready for implementation.
We truly think free of constraints first / yet simple, which effectively turns out to be fastest and extremely cost efficient. And that is the difference.