ESD Mitigation

Electro Static Discharge 
  • We know in exact pragmatic terms how to advise you how to learn it, measure it , and mitigate it  as relevant to your industry or application.
  • In some Applications, Electrostatic can even be a good thing.
  • Essentially we try and understand your need as much as you will allow us and then provide the near perfectly matched, optimal solution that will confidently be said would be better than any that you could possibly get for those conditions and terms. 
Hard Disk Drive Heads ( example)
   Having demonstrated  in real terms how to prevent ESD related failures in one of the Largest Hard Disk drive manufacturer's  site gives us a lot of credibility.
 - Where an average  5 % or more ESD failure was brought down to a sub 0.5 % levels, which effectively is a 100 fold improvement.
- Because of that and all things that were put in place , the methods and mitigation is still holding up more than 5 years since.
The HDD heads are by the way the most susceptible among all electronic devices or semiconductor, because the Heads are the equivalent of an open unprotected Wafer. 
  • If it can be don't there , it can be done any where else by doing just what it takes
  • In a HDD manufacturing/ assembly operation  the heads are extremely susceptible right up to the point the 1st Cover screws is put on .
  • Their susceptibility are in the several orders below those that affect other semiconductor devices.