Who we are

We are an Engineering establishment that has a combined 50 years of manufacturing and 30 years of inclusive small to medium scale Automation experience. 
We are troubleshooters 1st and foremost, essentially accurate problem identifiers first before attempting to fix any.

-We design and make some of the most capable , Vacuum welding systems, that help manufacture hermetically sealed, rare gas backfilled semiconductor  devices. 
  • These machines and systems are highly customized that they made to order and each year, our customers ask and we  deliver new and newer system that are getting better  and with more and more features added in and nothing is impossible for us. There is no such systems elsewhere , and since there are standing NDA ( Non disclosure Agreements)  a full description or images cannot be shared here. 
  Malaysia and Singapore has been our customer base, but now also branching out more to Europe / North America.
  • And in association the multi-faceted functions as briefly described. 
“The VALUE of what We do, is based on the  IMPACT, We can have on our client’s business. Link   IMPACT page
  •  And one that is well connected to finding, locating, establishing optimal materials and supplies for your need. 
  • Semiconductors and small factory automation are our main stay.
  • We will do what your buyers can't possibly do  Link   Sourcing page
  •    And our We can develop to your specification faster than anyone will or could and at an amicable cost.
 And since we take systems, methods and design very passionately, we would be an extended part of your organization, should you engage us.
And we sincerely hope you talk to us and under no obligation and give it the best chance your operation and establishment deserves.

 ..  Without merely making do with whatever and whoever is available.

  • First and foremost we are detailed in learning, understanding the needs with you and then ,
  • We will also suggest related  features that can pleasantly surprise you ( for your consideration)
  •  We start with your inputs and needs not forgetting the objectives extracting all the objectives from you / your team. 
 We turn truly on  designs & ideas for new and existing issues and quite effective at that too, with methods and techniques that adequately addresses the need, entirely with the objective in focus and without inflating the cost.
  •   We will have you and your expectations upfront in mind. By this time, we would know  what you need and want to happen.
  • Next we will explore all the extra's that are within the cost structure than can be added in that are within the proximities and discuss them with you.
  • * It starts with a Good idea which often is easy - however co-coordinating them into reality and turning the total Idea ON into a working model takes the following.

    1. Working on the Need (request) & assessment of the problem.
    2. Translating the verbal to effective engineering blocks

    3.  Visualizing them for effectiveness and then...

    4. Breaking up the ‘total concept’ into parts and honing of half-baked sub partial and loose ideas to match each of the parts.

    5. And then concept combination, thinking through in detail and combining all of the parts with the indented expectations /application.

   "People equate innovation with creativity however they are not really the same".
We lead the vison of the objective
      Creative people often work on a task for some time and that too with a passion before they have the insight into how to solve or go about the task, and even if insight occurs it can still take time for the idea to mature.

It is experience, and a knowledge base and above all the passion that speeds it conceptually like the moonshot.
We will not only innovate and turn it on but also enhance it within the frame work of where you want to go with it. 
After every project, we thrive to leave you fully satisfied, and also the links to further it in the future.